About Us

Founded in 2007 The Ricky Joy Company specializes in innovative, fun and delicious food products for kids.
Ricky Joy has three delicious product lines: Yogurty Drink and Mellow Cone .
Our business is not just selling products to the distribution channels, but is representing and supporting our brand all the way to the consumer hands.


We believe in uniquely doing things and upholding the standard of excellence. We will always deliver a product that is not only of the best quality, but also kids and parents will love because it is innovative, fun, and affordable. Our team will work passionately and creatively to make our products available to all.


To be the food company with the most loved brands and products by kids globally, because every product will surprise them and bring joy to their lives.


  1. Be passionate and do everything beyond
    other´s expectations.
  2. Live the spirit of challenge.
  3. Be honest, clear, loyal and always honor the agreements.
  4. The leadership positions are meant to serve and help their team to achieve goals together.
  5. Be frugal, profit is the engine that lets us achieve our goals.