Parents are often inundated with the amount of snack food that is available to serve to their children. These snacks can vary in healthiness, and the nutritional values offered are often far outweighed by high calorie, high sugar, and high fat contents. It’s certainly a challenge to balance high quality, nutritional snack foods with the convenience that busy parents need. One alternative to traditional, processed snack foods is Ricky Joy Yogurty Drink.

Ricky Joy Yogurty Drink is a drinkable yogurt with a sweet taste that is sure to please kids, but with a lower sugar and calorie content that parents are going to appreciate.

One of the major benefits of Ricky Joy Yogurty Drink provides is the variety of vitamins and minerals it contains, which are naturally occurring in the ingredients. It’s also low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium per serving. In addition to this, it’s made with the live cultures that are going to bring a probiotic benefit to this snack, as well as being made with choice New Zealand Milk. Probiotics are especially beneficial is maintaining healthy intestinal flora.

Ricky Joy requires no refrigeration, which makes it a great choice for lunches, picnics, and on the go snacks – and it also comes with straws, making it even more convenient. It’s available in the following flavors: Original, Strawberry, Orange, and Strawberry Blast, with the strawberry flavor being perhaps the most popular amongst children.

Ricky Joy comes in packs of four bottles, or cases of forty bottles.

In the sea of prepackaged snack products being offered these days, it is reassuring to know that you can serve your children a high-quality product that provides a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as probiotics, that is also lower in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar than many of the products available on the market today. The fact that it is also convenient to transport, convenient to serve, and requires no refrigeration is a definite plus for moms who are looking for a handy, portable, nutritious snack that’s not going spill in their bag. Yet another bonus of Ricky Joy is that it can also be enjoyed by adults looking for a convenient, quality snack choice.