Thanksgiving is here again, a time to be with family and give thanks for all of our blessings and to remember all the great things that we have in life, all of those things that we sometimes forget about, but that give meaning to our lives and make us who we are.

Not everyone knows what Thanksgiving is about, and unfortunately we have forgotten to teach our children the importance of being thankful, we must encourage our kids to say thank you, even to the smallest things.

So, make this day fun and get your kids involved! Decorate, make crafts with them and give them some small tasks in the kitchen so that they can feel they are an important part of the celebration, discuss the symbolism of the objects associated with Thanksgiving, make a list of things to be thankful about and read it over dinner, share family traditions with them as you prepare the feast together and don’t forget to thank them for everything they do.

Love, respect, gratefulness and generosity are the cornerstones of this holiday, Thanksgiving is a great excuse to appreciate everything that make our lives better, so get the whole family together, invite friends over, play games, share food, share your time, share your thoughts and say thank you whenever you have the chance.

Talk to your kids and teach them why we all must be kind, generous and grateful, especially on this day but putting those values into practice every day.

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving from Ricky Joy, don’t forget to share the deliciousness of a Yogurty Drink in this special day!

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