About Us

International Trade Imports LLC dba The Ricky Joy Company, is a Georgia-based company founded in 2007, that specializes in creating and marketing fun, innovative and delicious beverages and food products for kids. After 10 years in the market, the Company has successfully developed six lines of products with 18 items and Ricky Joy® has become one of the most well recognized and loved brands for kids within the Hispanic consumer in the markets where the Company’s products are currently sold.
Our business is not just selling products to the distribution channels, but is representing and supporting our brand all the way to the consumer hands.

Our Mission

We believe in uniquely doing things and upholding the standard of excellence. We will always deliver foods and drinks that are not only of the best quality, but also kids and parents will love because they are innovative, fun, delicious and affordable generating happiness and well-being for all. Our team will work passionately and creatively to make our products available to all.

Our Higher Purpose

Build a global brand of food and beverages that allows us to transform lives for the glory of God.

Our Values


Full trust in God and coworkers, respecting their beliefs.


To carry out our tasks with great determination, commitment and love.


It is the virtue of loving God above all things, and one´s fellow as ourselves by our love to God.


To be loyal, honest and always act consistently with the values one professes.


Doing things beyond expectations, maintaining the standard of excellence in everything we do, achieving productivity and profitability that allows us to reach the expected growth.


Constant desire to develop new products, practices and business models, to meet the needs of consumers, take advantage of opportunities in the market and improve the company's processes.


The value of sacrifice is that extraordinary effort to achieve a greater benefit, overcoming one's tastes, interests and comforts. Although it may seem drastic, but sacrifice helps us overcome many obstacles in our lives and gives us a character of commitment, perseverance, optimism, self-improvement and service.

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