Sip the Joy


Ricky Joy® is a great, sweet-tasting Yogurty Drink made from premium quality ingredients that have been cultured and processed with the best technology the world has to offer. Featuring the lovable and recognized Ricky Joy cartoon character, the drinks are a favorite of kids and adults alike. Great for family day trips, at sporting events, and in school lunchboxes.

Ricky Joy® Yogurty Drink needs no refrigeration and come in a portable size with straws. Currently available in the popular flavors of Original, Strawberry, Orange, Strawberry Blast, Mango and Mixed Berry.

Yogurty Drink Original Flavor

An original flavor just like you. You will love it!

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Yogurty Drink Strawberry Flavor

Exquisite strawberry flavor that takes you to a fun world.

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Yogurty Drink Strawberry Blast

Live the party with the intensity of our strawberry blast!

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Yogurty Drink Orange Flavor

Delicious orange flavor that will be with you every morning.

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Yogurt Drink Mango

Delicious mango flavor that will bring the tropic to you.

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Yogurt Drink Mixed Berry

Delicious Mixed Berry flavor that will bring the wild to you.

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