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At Ricky Joy, we’ve been living the passion of creating innovative, fun and delicious drinks and food products for kids for almost 10 years, our Yogurty Drinks and Mellow Cone are the result of a passionate and creative team work that never stops. We love what we do and our business is not just about selling products, our business is to bring JOY and smiles to every kid who drinks or eats our products.

All of our products are made with premium quality ingredients that have been processed with the best technology in the market. We provide families with healthy and tasty snacks for adults and kids, perfect for family day trips, sporting events, school lunchboxes, and available in a great variety of flavors such as strawberry and blueberry for Mellow Cone and strawberry, orange, strawberry blast and original for our Yogurty Drink.

We are constantly working to evolve and broaden our product catalogue to bring Ricky Joy’s adventures and deliciousness to a wider audience, that’s why we’ve decided to climb onto new trees and grab some different fruits that we know everyone’s going to enjoy. After an extensive market research, we decided to choose Tropical Mango and Mixed Berries as the new members of the Ricky Joy Yogurty Drinks family.

The tropical Mango flavor will fly off the shelves because it is a fruit with great acceptance in the United States, in fact over the last 20 years, its consumption has been increasing tremendously due to the large Asian and Hispanic groups, which constitute an important part of the US population, and which are the main consumers of this fruit.

When it comes to the Mixed Berry flavor, we are sure that customers will climb walls to buy it because this combination is one of the kids’ favorites. Kids love the mixture of flavors and colors, and mothers love the nutritional benefits!

We’re thrilled to present Ricky Joy’s new products, which also feature our AspartameFREE recipe with only 90g of sugar and 50 calories so that our consumers can enjoy thesweetness of mango and the mixed sensations of berries with no worries. We know everyone will love them as much as we do, they’re absolutely delicious!


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