Yogurty Drink

Ricky Joy® is a great, sweet-tasting Yogurty Drink
(similar to a drinkable yogurt) made from premium
quality ingredients that have been processed
with the best technology the world has to offer.
Great for family day trips, at sporting events,
and in school lunchboxes.

Mellow Cone

Mellow Cone are small cones, just like a regular
ice cream cone in taste, but instead of having
ice cream it has a sweet and delicious marshmallow
covered in sugar and filled with fruit flavored jelly.
Mellow Cone it's FAT FREE and it only
has 90 Calories and 14g of sugar per serving.

jelly cups

Delicious assorted fruit flavored jelly
in a colorful and fun presentation different
from other brands, a plastic bag with 8
Jelly Cups of 1.23oz, shelf stable and
naturally fat free.

crazy legs

Crazy Legs is a fun product that kids love,
each of its legs is a delicious marshmallow twist.
It only has 90 Calories and 15g of sugar per serving.