Ricky Joy Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are so in fashion, they are super quick and easy to prepare and are a very nutritious snack to start the day.
Here is an exclusive recipe to a delicious and nutritious Ricky Joy Smoothie Bowl. Bring your children’s snacks to a whole new level by simply following a couple steps:

You will need:
1 Ricky Joy Yogurty Drink the flavor of your choice
1 small banana
3-4 raspberries
3-4 blueberries
1/2 cup of ice

Blend ingredients together until the smoothie has a pretty thick consistency (add more ice if too liquidy).
Transition smoothie to a medium bowl with extra free space at the top.
Cut up your kid’s favorite fruits and use them to decorate the bowl any way you please— maybe add a smiley face!
For the final touch, add some crunchy granola and voilà there you have it: a Ricky Joy Smoothie Bowl!


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