5 Best Ways to Start the Day

We know that waking up and starting the day is one of the hardest things to do, especially on those cold winter days. So here are 5 things you can do to ease up those mornings.

Get Moving
If going for a run is something you want to do, get dressed and get out there before you’re fully awake. Don’t think about it or decide, just do it. If that’s not quite your cup of tea, spend a little time stretching. Either way, you get your circulation revved up and prepare for the day.

Eat Right
Having a healthy diet plays an especially important role in waking up with the necessary energy to carry on the daily routines, so have healthy breakfast with protein, fruit and throw in a Ricky Joy for some healthy probiotics.

Plan Ahead
Write down your top priorities for the day. Choose the one thing on the list that, if it all goes well, will charge you up for everything else on the list. Think of it as the one thing that really needs to go right, and if it goes wrong, everything else will likely take a hit. Focus on that and make sure you hit a home run.

Meditating will release endorphins which will start your day more peacefully and makeyou more awake and alert. 10 minutes of silence in the morning can make you more focused during the day.

Just Relax
Life is chaotic enough, so don’t over stress about everything. Find comfort in letting things go and let life follow its course.


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